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Business development is the lifeblood of nearly every type of enterprise, large or small, regional or multinational. Unless your business is developing, then it is really becoming stagnant.

This is something that the most forward-thinking military commanders could tell you as being equally true when applied to developing stratagems and battlefield technologies. By using the setting of some of the world’s most famous battles, you can learn from the various challenges that have been faced during historic military campaigns.

Doing so means that it becomes easier to identify the various hurdles your organisation faces as it strives for growth. Not only can you better understand the issues that you and your team face, but the various lessons that can be learned from historic battlefields will also allow you to overcome them.

This is the unique approach to business development training we offer at Corporate Battlefields, something that can be summed up by the term, ‘diagnostic and intervention’.

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What Is Diagnostic and Intervention and How Will it Help My Business to Develop?

There are, of course, many different approaches to business strategy training and corporate development. However, it is the implementation of diagnostic and intervention techniques, as gleaned from the lessons of the battlefield, that makes all the difference with Corporate Battlefields’ approach.

Firstly, by understanding various battlefield scenarios – either by visiting the location or learning about them in your own office – it is possible to analyse and diagnose the sort of challenges that have been faced before by others.

By discovering how these challenges were met, your team can use similar interventions in their own business contexts or at least think about their obstacles in a new light.

Bear in mind that the facilitators at Corporate Battlefields don’t offer a mere historic lesson. By empowering your team to discuss historic battles, to diagnose them and to get to grips with what interventions have worked, they will necessarily apply what they have learned and consider their own challenges more deeply.

It is only by having an honest conversation about organisational issues that any business can truly develop, after all. As such, our approach is to empower your management team with greater moral courage to do what is necessary to succeed. The battlefield scenario is simply a trigger mechanism for starting on this journey.

The Professional Approach Taken By Corporate Battlefields

Maybe your sales team is missing its targets? Could it be that your organisational transformation plans have stalled? Are some teams in your organisation failing to communicate effectively with others? Whatever the problem may be, our professional facilitators will be able to get you firing on all cylinders again by tailoring a business development course to meet your particular needs.

The likes of Boeing, Sky and Sanitech have all benefited from our facilitators, who have successfully enabled executives and key employees to invoke their skills learned from battlefield diagnostic and intervention methods.

Only by identifying the true issues that arrest business development is it possible to make the right interventions that will overcome them. As such, the battlefield experience is a powerful business tool that all enterprises can make use of.

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