Client Testimonials

Please browse this short selection of our clients and their feedback on their experiences with us.

Jonathan Bailey – Director Boeing Defence UK

“The combination of Mungo Melvin Strategic Ltd and Corporate Battlefields proved a winning combination. The administration was flawless, a testament to the attention paid to it; and the content was superb. We received world-class analysis and engaging insights that were readily appreciated by a group whose prior knowledge of the subject varied greatly.”

Phil Jones, Managing Director Brother UK

“Still the hands down best days learning experience my team have ever had… Being in the fields of Naseby and visualizing how a key battle in the English Civil war can influence how you drive your team in the modern day, was a really interesting and stimulating day for the whole team. They’ve come away inspired and with a new sense of clarity about what the mission of the business is and how they contribute to it we’ve won hearts and minds along the way. Philip Trousdell was brilliant and kept the whole team on the edge of their seats, an inspiring character.”

Gerard Chick - Head of Business & Product Development, Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply

“I was delighted to open the session. This was an exciting, new and innovative departure, developing the success of traditional CIPS’ strategic forums to offer groundbreaking networking opportunities to CIPS Leaders’ Network members.”

Charlotte Fordham - Graduate Recruitment & Development Manager Executive Management Trainees and Human Resources, HSBC

“Can I just take this opportunity again to express my thanks for Friday — the level of engagement amongst the grads not only in the historical context but also the emotional awareness was fantastic as was the dedication and commitment shown by the team — I hope it is an experience we can repeat for future grads! Thanks again for all your hard work”

Bernhard Lang - Financial Director Lilly

“The Waterloo training gave us interesting insights on military theories and possible parallel with the corporate world. Unique set-up with more ‘field work’ than class-room time! Mission Command principles helped the team to refocus on the essentials, especially during crisis times. Passion, expertise and diversity from the Corporate Battlefield staff allowed us to regain motivation, put things into perspective, and provided a spot-on feedback session. Great lessons to be learned.”

Richard Jenkins - Higgs International Publishing Logistics

“An excellent weekend. Well balanced to suit the group–clearly in the hands of a highly respected professional.”

Rainer Schultheis - Executive Fellow, The Conference Board Europe

“Effective decision making under pressure is a key competency of senior executives in today’s less predictable business environment. Walking the ancient battlefields of Waterloo brings alive again those defining moments where decisions finally led to victory or defeat. A very insightful programme not only for amateur military historians.”

Mike Shepherd - VP Competitor Intelligence HPC Category, Unilever

“This approach is a fertile ground for management training. The battle of Waterloo and the events that preceded it proved to be incredibly rich in content and provided a marvellous set of occurrences around which multiple teachable moments could be constructed. These range across virtually all corporate issues: Leadership, Strategy Formation, Operational Excellence, Information and Intelligence, Communication, Decision Taking, HR and Focus.”

Crispin Black - Sky News Intelligence Analyst

“What Waterloo teaches us, above all, is to work out what you want to do, and do it. This is applicable not just for the military, but in terms of business as well.”

David Kingma, Corporate Social Reporting Manager, British American Tobacco

“It’s learning, but in a different context from what you’re used to. You’re out there in the open air where things actually happened. It beats a PowerPoint in a lecture hall, 10 out of 10.”

Robert Erasmus - Managing Director, Sanitech

“All the delegates left with a new sense of purpose, empowerment and mutual trust of their colleagues and with the lessons learned from Isandlwana, about not underestimating the competition, has resulted in a highly energized management team ready to take on any challenge! Thank you to Graeme and Paul, who were able to seamlessly integrate theory and practical to deliver on the brief and provide a truly unforgettable experience.”

Frank Sportolari - Vice President European Strategy, UPS Europe

“I highly recommend the Waterloo Battlefield Strategy Seminar to businesspeople who are looking for tools to help in decision-making under stressful conditions. The powerful experience of being on the very ground where such an important event took place, led by passionate and expert guides and business consultants, sharpens the focus on the key learnings that are transmitted.”

Karel Vankeirsbilck - Vice President, Internal Services, Belgacom

“I appreciated the simplicity of the tools presented at the workshops. The methodology was very clear and simple, and that’s good because we need simple tools to make decisions very quickly. My only regret was that the history lessons themselves were given only by the winning side – the victor’s prerogative, perhaps. It might have been very interesting to have another angle, another point of view, and confront these two views. Still, it was a rich experience that I’m sure I will never forget.”

Jon Weeks - Wessex Water Services Limited

“A very useful insight of Mission Command theory and how it can be applied to the corporate world. The battlefield and office were brought together, in a evocative manner, on the ground where thousands of men gave their lives.”

Captain J R H Clink OBE - The Commanding Officer HMS Ark Royal, Navy Command, Royal Navy

“Many thanks for looking after the Ark Royal Command Group so magnificently at Waterloo. It was a battlefield tour that was full of relevance for the challenges we face today — at sea! I speak for the whole team when I say that our thoughts on leadership have been really invigorated by our ten hours replaying a land battle under your expert tutorage. It really was very good and we are all extremely grateful to you.”

Mr J Locke, Head Teacher Senior Leadership Team, The Leventhorpe School

“Thanks to the team at Corporate Battlefields for their completely professional approach to the organisation and delivery of the whole experience. The venue was innovative and thought provoking which made us all start to think outside the box. The use of historical context was excellent and we came away being able to draw parallels with leadership and management in education and the military.”

Sean Taggart - CEO Albatross

“From the initial response of the team and the content of the course, it looks to have also been our best! The team at CB certainly succeeded in creating an inspirational, motivational and energising event that focused on the key issues facing our business and allowed us to create our own deliverable solutions. Memorable!”

Mike Robinson - Managing Director Airports Coordination Limited

“At first it wasn’t obvious how the learning from a battle fought as part of the English Civil War some 374 years ago could help ACL’s new leadership team develop a future strategic direction. But Corporate Battlefields’ unique context and methodology helped us to identify our strengths and weaknesses as a leadership team, forge a new purpose, mission, vision and values and lay the foundations of a strategy that I’m confident will take our ‘New Model Army’ to victory. If your own organisation is looking for a high impact way of solving these challenges, I couldn’t recommend Corporate Battlefields highly enough.”

Dickie Davis – Special Advisor The Brenthurst Foundation

“The Brenthurst Foundation Board members thoroughly enjoyed their recent tour of the First World War Western Front battlefields from Neuve Chapelle to the Somme, arranged by Mungo Melvin Strategic and Corporate Battlefields. Professionally researched and led, Mungo Melvin and Graeme Cooper provided a series of stimulating insights into the strategy and tactics involved, not forgetting to highlight the terrible human cost for all the forces engaged. As an organisation committed to Africa’s development, the Board members particularly appreciated the concluding moving visit to the South African memorial at Delville Wood.”