Corporate Battlefields

We are a small unique company offering something radically different in terms of learning and development. Operating since 2007 we have delivered many programmes and events to several global companies at board and senior executive level.

Our programmes deliver solutions to management teams on battlefields by correlating the outcomes of battle to today’s client required solutions. Every programme is bespoke to client challenges. The battlefield is the platform, not the purpose.

To really capture the imagination and cement the outcomes and learnings in the mind we prefer to deliver our programmes on historic battlefields but are very used to working in more conventional classrooms too.  It’s up to you how willing you are to try something different!

We illustrate a unique perspective on the business of leadership and decision-making that enables solutions with the best degree of certainty in today’s unpredictable global business environment.

A Word from the Managing Director

If you take a management team to Zeithen’s crossroads on the Battlefield of Waterloo, they will listen to the story about how a Prussian commander had to make a decision under extreme pressure. This involved a conflict between what he believed to be the right thing to do and a recently arrived written directive ordering him to do the complete opposite. The participants will learn things about moral courage and decision-making under pressure that they will not forget.

I have been to this ridge on Wellington’s left flank with several management teams and witnessed CEOs seemingly elated at various outcomes that workshops and discussions have delivered through their team’s wider and deeper thinking.

Our leadership model, Mission Command, delivers a ‘peace of mind’ and our programmes a foundation of leadership beliefs that are well proven and will endure.

Graeme Cooper, MD Corporate Battlefields

Developing business people, through battlefield insight

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