How We Work With You

  • Your Specific Challenges: Firstly and in complete confidentiality we listen until we understand your approach to leadership, your priorities for developing your team, their competency requirements and your specific challenges.
  • Our Research: We then review with you and agree what issues you want to address. We then research the vignettes and stories from a battlefield that correlate to your business’s outcome requirements.
  • Ethos: We then show you how Corporate Battlefields can address your leadership challenges, on a field of battle, and what strategies we would use to galvanise your team’s performance.
  • Proposal: We then present a bespoke programme proposal based on your outcomes required and your team’s timeframe availability.
  • Battle Delivery: When we’ve agreed a strategy and the learning format with you, we will take your team to the hallowed acres of the chosen battlefield. At each of the selected outcome linked locations (Stands) on the battlefield our expert battlefield guide will deliver the cordite of the battle and its emotive history that relates to your required outcomes.
  • Business Delivery: Our Business Facilitator will then run the bespoke associated workshops and discussions which the Stand history has triggered in relation to your business and its challenges.
  • Experiential Learning: Always we find that these ‘solution workshops’ and discussions deliver deeper thinking by participants. This unique experiential learning platform will allow your team to produce gems of ideas for both immediate application and strategic change.
  • Conference Room: Events are very flexible – if someone comes up with a ground-breaking idea or discussion point, or inclement weather intervenes there is always a conference venue available at a moment’s notice.
  • Leadership Host: If one of our Leadership hosts attends an event they will deliver a modern day interpretation of pure leadership, and explain the principles of our favoured leadership model. The Leadership Host provides the gravitas for the programme and befriends and if desired mentors the client CEO. Together they listen to the team’s workshop presentations and debates and ensures you have ownership of the process.
  • Programme Evaluation: Post programme evaluation details the outcomes and suggests a follow up. Our experienced and qualified business coaches can work with you and your executive team to develop the personal and interpersonal skills and capabilities to enable the successful implementation of your action plans.

Developing business people, through battlefield insight

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