Why Is Leadership Training Important In an Organisation?

All organisations, whether they are commercial businesses, sports teams, non-profit social enterprises or government departments rely on leadership to some extent or other. Bear in mind that leadership does not always come from the top of an organisation. In any institution or business that is run well, leadership models [...]

How Effective Team Management Can Impact On Your Business

Nearly all modern businesses operate in teams these days. Rather than adopting an organisational structure that is based on unwieldy departments all jealously guarding their own territory, the modern approach is to develop combined effort derived from smaller, more nimble teams. The trouble that many organisations face, including a [...]

Why is the top of the hill so important?

From Steve Bird GBG Head of Facilitation Corporate Battlefields Why is the top of the Hill so important? Martin Scheepbouwer and his OLX team – Waterloo 2017 I have no idea what 2019 holds for business! The future is never easy to predict. If it were, experts would get it right more [...]

A Leadership Poem to Remember!

A Testimonial Wow! – A Poem that said it all! A leadership outcome uniquely and intriguingly delivered ‘International Airport slot management company, ACL, were faced with the departure of their MD, a lack of clarity around their future and a disunited senior management team. Corporate Battlefields were called in to help [...]

Nelson ‘s Leadership Legacy

‘Band of Brothers’ It is worth noting that during the Napoleonic wars Britons were more fearful of Napoleon than they were of Hitler in 1939. At the Battle of Trafalgar on the 21st October 1805 arguably Britain’s greatest leader, Lord Horatio Nelson was carried mortally wounded from his quarterdeck in the [...]

How commercial activity can benefit from Experiential Learning

What is experiential learning, and why is it one of the most effective tools for coaching senior management? The Nuffield Farming Scholarship Trust at Waterloo break off into syndicates to consider leadership challenges faced in 1815.   ‘Organizations, businesses, or schools who invest in training for their employees or students are trying [...]

The new Corporate Battlefields website is now live!

After much toil, we have decided to launch a new website that adequately represents the quality of the service we provide. Many thanks to the team members and past clients whom have passed constructive criticism on the site in it’s fledgling stages. Jacob Hannis, Marketing 

How do executives fit it all in? Phil Jones of Brother UK speaks about effective time management

Brother UK at Wattisham One of the most often questions I’m asked is – ‘How do you fit it all in?’ Running a large company, riding a bike for 5-6 hours a week, attending dinners and functions, writing blogs, being a family head, public speaking, being President of a large community [...]