Leadership Hosts

Corporate Battlefield’s Event teams are selected according to the requirements and nature of the client’s business. The team members are all professional in their own fields and together they bring a product that embodies trust, honesty and pride. From the outset they work to deliver a programme and event itinerary that is based on a sound understanding of client issues, good listening and innovative planning.

Leadership Hosts

Our business facilitators are experienced at board and senior executive level and from the outset are responsible to the client CEO for constructing and delivering the programme based on the client’s outcome requirements.

Group Captain (ret'd) Christopher Finn

Chris has an MPhil from Cambridge University and attended the Joint Services’ Defence College. He has commanded the Navigator and Airman Aircrew School and been the RAF’s Director of Defence Studies. At the tactical level Chris specialises in the role of Air Power in the joint battle and the unique challenges of leadership in the air environment. He also concentrates on strategic and operational leadership, planning and command & control, and the political dimension of warfare. He is a part-time senior Strategic Studies lecturer at Royal Air Force College Cranwell.

Lieutenant Colonel (ret'd) Eliot Glover

Eliot is a former Army Lieutenant Colonel having served for 18 years as a professional qualified officer (lawyer) and retired in 2014 following a 2 year appointment as one of NATO’s legal advisers for operations. He has served in various conflict zones, including Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan and the Libyan campaign. Eliot is a conflict management consultant and coach. He provides bespoke solutions to organisations experiencing internal conflict amongst teams/individuals, or external conflict with other organisations they conduct business with. His specialism is in rebuilding working relationships where trust and confidence has broken down. He has trained NATO personnel in UK, Europe and USA to practice as mediators and has lectured in UK, Germany and USA. He is a guest speaker at the International Mediation Summit, Madrid in June 2015.

Colonel (ret'd) Clive Mantell MBE

Clive Mantell was commissioned into the Green Howards, an infantry regiment. His operational experience includes Northern Ireland, the Balkans, the Middle East and Africa. Multilingual, he has held senior leadership roles in both national and international environments, including United Nations, European and African Union operations, and International Criminal Court investigations. His unique experiences include service with Special Forces and seven years with the French army. In a commercial role, he assessed leadership skills of United Arab Emirates officers, for whom he also delivered leadership courses.

Major General (ret'd) Mungo Melvin CBE OBE

Mungo Melvin was commissioned in 1975 into the Royal Engineers, concluding his career by commanding British Forces Germany and advising the Chief of Defence Staff on strategy. Long associated with military education, he codified Mission Command and pioneered the use of battlefield studies to enhance operational and strategic understanding. He is now a freelance lecturer, historian and defence adviser. Mungo delivered the leadership strategy to the senior management teams of eBay, Japanese Tobacco International, AbbVie, Boeing UK, Kemira and The Conference Board (Europe), and to NATO’s Secretary General and his high-level staff.

Colonel (retired) Harry Fullerton OBE

Harry Fullerton was in the British Army for 28 years, serving at all leadership levels at regimental duty. He instructed at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and at the UK Defence Academy, where he specialized in Defence Technology, and the Counter-IED (Improvised Explosive Device) programme. He commanded the Household Cavalry Regiment from 2008-2011, and subsequently deployed to Helmand Province, Afghanistan in 2009 to lead a battle group in Musa Qaleh, during the height of the Taliban insurgency and its resulting violence.

He was awarded the OBE for his leadership during the tour. After further military service, he then left the Army and spent three years with a successful information technology start up, where he identified how technology was disrupting business and the way people work. He is great believer that lessons from the battlefield are relevant to individuals and groups in developing their leadership and decision-making skills, and improve team performance. He now runs SixFigureGrid a company delivering Leadership Navigation in the 21st Century and actively works alongside Corporate Battlefields.

Lieutenant General (ret'd) Sir Philip Trousdell KBE CBE

Philip Trousdell served in the Army where his command appointments included the Gurkha Brigade in Hong Kong, the multi-national NATO force in the Balkans and the operations in Northern Ireland. As Commandant of the Army’s officer leadership Academy at Sandhurst he was responsible for delivering leadership training across the Army. He has been strategic adviser to a number of major commercial organisations. Since 2011 he has been Chairman of the Civil Nuclear Police Authority which is responsible for providing armed response teams at all nuclear power stations and the international movement of nuclear waste. He has hosted Corporate Battlefields events for NATO at Waterloo, Brother UK at Naseby, the Thames Valley Police at Newbury and CIPS at Wattisham.

Colonel (ret'd) Jim Willis MBE

Jim Willis served as an Infantry Officer in the British Army for 28 years. Following attendance of the Army’s Command and Staff College, he held various prestigious appointments, including instructing at Sandhurst, strategic planning for the Gulf War, and commanding 1st Battalion the Green Howards in Afghanistan and the Balkans. He retired with an MBE from the military in 2012 and joined the Priory Group, the UK’s largest independent provider of mental healthcare services. He is currently the Chief Operating Officer for Priory Healthcare. Jim hosted The Conference Board (Europe) and Abbott leadership Events at Waterloo in 2010/11.