UK Office

The people behind the scenes that bring the teams and events together.

Graeme Cooper, Managing Director

Commissioned into the British Army Graeme Cooper enjoyed an exciting and rewarding military career involving responsibility of command, operational experience and engagement with people who shared a strong commitment to a team ethic.

Graeme commanded the British Army’s Mountain Training Centre in Norway and thereafter it’s Alpine Centre in Bavaria. There he developed the Army’s training ethos and delivered progressive experiential learning programmes to 1800 troops annually with outcomes focused on military soft skill requirements.

In 2000 he created Cooper’s Waterloo Tours specialising in bespoke battlefield touring and in 2002 founded the International Guild of Battlefield Guides. In 2009 he was awarded the International Guild of Battlefield Guides’ ‘Roll of Honour’.

His belief in the correlation between battle actualities and the challenges in the business environment led him to create Corporate Battlefields in 2006, since when its teams have delivered to senior management personnel on a variety of battlefields including Waterloo, Isandlwana, Somme, the Normandy D-Day Beaches. Graeme is married and has a son and daughter both commissioned in the British Army. He lives in Essex with his family and enjoys golf, photography, chess and telemark skiing.

Emily Davis, Customer Relationship & Sales and Marketing Trainee

 Emily is currently studying Psychology BSc at Loughborough University, and hoping to do a placement year in HR during her third year, after which she will graduate in 2024. At Loughborough, Emily is the Women’s Lacrosse Goalkeeper and a part of the Sailing and Windsurfing team and committee. On completion of her University studies, she plans to take a year out to travel abroad, broadening her experiences with other cultures and people.

Recreationally she enjoys horse riding and is an active member of the Pony Club. As well as doing hunt relay competitions, gate jumping and exercising other people’s horses Emily is a member of Dunmow Young Farmers and part of the organising committee where she organises teams for various competitions.

Emily experienced the importance of teamwork and leadership via the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme and completed the Bronze, Silver and Gold award. Within Corporate Battlefields she concentrates on administering and promoting its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) data base sales and liaising with clients. 

Gerry Desler, Chief Financial Officer

Gerry is a chartered accountant, who qualified in 1968 with a City firm, before becoming a partner in 1970. Between 1985 to 1990 he was the Senior Partner. During his time in the City, he specialised in consultancy work, much of it involving funding and venture capital. He was involved in one of the first joint ventures in what was then the People’s Republic of China in 1980. Gerry is also the Finance Director of Premier Gold Resources Plc and ValiRx Plc, both AIM listed companies and is on the board of a number of private companies. Gerry has been the Financial Director of Corporate Battlefields since 2008.