Corporate Battlefields correlates the issues and challenges of today’s business environment to the outcomes of battle and provides a foundation of pure leadership beliefs that will endure.

Stand a leader, or potential leader, in Napoleon’s breakfast room at Waterloo to learn how and why the Emperor’s senior management crisis meeting went horrendously wrong and what is learnt is not easily forgotten.  Moreover through discussion participants discover how the issues on that epic Sunday morning in June 1815 relate to the need for the ‘right people’ and a sound strategic plan that everyone understands and believes in.

We provide a unique perspective on the business of leadership and decision-making and a vibrant, intensely memorable lesson in what sound leadership really means, and how it feels to take up direct responsibility.

Participants comprehend the art and requirements of pure leadership and the benefits from ‘not having to look over one’s shoulder’ to capture the loyalty and minds of a team and lead it to a successful outcome.

Whether at Waterloo, Omaha Beach, Agincourt, Naseby, Hastings, Isandlwana, on a leadership walk around the military statues in London or on the sacrifice battlefield that was the Somme…

  • Your team will hear about the personalities who took part and the tactical dilemmas they faced. Dilemmas that are specifically chosen to resonate with the challenges in your business.
  • Our battlefield guides will excite your people’s imagination… their empathy for those who fought there… creating a learning impact and retention value impossible to achieve within the four walls of a conference centre.
  • Our business facilitators, using your leadership model or ours, will give your people the skills and confidence to trust in their own judgement. They will for example learn:
    • How to remain flexible, agile and able to respond to change whilst making big investment bets.
    • How to get a force multiplier out of your people when normally they work in silos – how to enhance collaboration.
    • How to encourage innovation.

Your team will come away with a list of individual tasks that they can action within 72 hours and collectively with ideas that by changing company culture and/or process over the next 9-12 months will see the light.

Martin Scheepbouwer and his OLX team - Waterloo 2017