How Effective Team Management Can Impact On Your Business

How Effective Team Management Can Impact On Your Business

Nearly all modern businesses operate in teams these days. Rather than adopting an organisational structure that is based on unwieldy departments all jealously guarding their own territory, the modern approach is to develop combined effort derived from smaller, more nimble teams.

The trouble that many organisations face, including a good number of small and medium enterprises, is that their teams frequently fail to operate in a team-like manner. 

Sometimes this comes down to lack of cooperation between teams and sometimes it is an issue that affects intra-team activities with individuals pulling in different directions. This will result in missed targets, inefficient working practices and even a high turnover of staff, something which affects every firm’s bottom line. What can be done?

eBay’s Senior Management Team at Pont du Hoc

Working Towards Effective Team Management

Identifying the dysfunctional nature of teams within an organisation and the ineffective ways they go about their business is one thing – dealing with it is quite another. This is where effective team building and management needs to be established.

Is Management Development Effective?

Of course, imposing a team culture on middle managers and team leaders from above is something that rarely produces effective business results in the long term. In other words, senior managers cannot simply expect overnight success by instructing their teams to work more harmoniously. People simply don’t work effectively that way.

Team Management Training

Instead, effective team management needs to take a multi-faceted approach. After all, there are a number of issues that might need to be addressed in order to create the sort of synergy that is required for all of your business goals to be attained.

These vary from company to company, but typical factors that get in the way of good teamwork include personality clashes, one team misunderstanding how another operates and a perceived lack of opportunity. As such, discussing these blockages within teams allows for solutions to be found that can, in turn, lead to more effective team management. This is what Corporate Battlefields is here to facilitate.

Understanding Past Battles For Future Team Successes

Military commanders have faced all of the issues of faltering teamwork that modern businesses also have to cope with, often under even more extreme circumstances. Petty jealousies, misconceptions and too much of a top-down approach have all been found to lead to undesirable military outcomes in battle. 

For a couple of centuries, forward-thinking commanders have empowered their junior officers, encouraging them to find their own solutions and to operate with greater esprit-de-corps, as a result.

Many of the world’s largest multinational corporations now use the same techniques developed in battle to manage their teams more effectively. Indeed, in some cases, this is why businesses have grown onto the global stage in the first place. However, learning how to empower your team leaders to operate on their own initiative – within limits – and to function more coherently with one another is not something that only very large organisations can take advantage of.

How Corporate Battlefields Deals With Team Management Training

At Corporate Battlefields, we have successfully delivered team management programmes for smaller enterprises, public sector departments and even school management teams. In fact, our skilled team of facilitators can help any management team, large or small, to attain their business goals by unlocking the skills that teams already have but which are not necessarily being used effectively.

Tap into the leadership potential in your company’s teams for greater business success by using the stratagems that have been proven to work on the battlefield as well as the increasingly competitive business world.

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