Why Attend Leadership Training?

Why Attend Leadership Training?

It is a reasonable question to ask, whether you are a leader of a sports team, a multinational business, a start-up enterprise or a public sector body. Just why should you attend leadership training? Surely, if you are a leader, then you already have what it takes to show leadership, after all. Indeed, some people would have it that leadership is not something that can be really learned at all – that leaders are born to be in charge and that it is an innate trait. What can leadership training offer from such a point of view?

Of course, this is something we are asked at Corporate Battlefields and the answer is quite simple when you think about it. Yes, some people in history – from Julius Caesar to the Duke of Wellington and from Alexander the Great to Field Marshal Montgomery – have shown great leadership in the field of battle, sometimes from a very young age. 

And yet none of these leaders was the finished article when they began. In other words, all of them – and many others – learned how to lead and to achieve success. In fact, some of the greatest military leaders in history have been very frank about their shortcomings. So, anyone can learn from leadership training new ideas and approaches that they may not have considered before.

Indeed, even the most experienced and successful business leaders should attend leadership training programmes from time to time. After all, the business world is constantly evolving and that means that social attitudes towards business leadership are always shifting, too. What might have worked once may no longer. If you are not investing in your own leadership training and that of the management team you have around you, then it is a sure bet that your competitors are! So, don’t allow them to gain an edge in this regard.

Corporate Battlefields Unique Approach to Leadership Training

Whether we tailor or programme for a focus on leadership at your headquarters or on the site of an historic battlefield, the singular approach we take at Corporate Battlefields aims for the same result – a more profound understanding of leadership.

When you take the developments in leadership from the battles of the past, especially in the field of command and control, it soon becomes clearer for all concerned just how leadership really works in the world of commerce, too.

We facilitate your management team so that their own expertise is brought to bear by utilising examples of leadership from the past. In fact, the very reason that it is so successful is because discussing historical matters helps individuals to identify good leadership and bad in a way that isn’t too close to home.

By opening up about our views of leadership, so we start to understand how we are acting as leaders ourselves and, most crucially of all, where improvements can be made.

UPS Senior management at Waterloo battlefield learning the rudiments of the ‘Mission Command’ Leadership Model.

What Can You Learn From Leadership Training?

Be in no doubt – understanding military leadership is something many big businesses around the world are engaged in. Why? Because it has something to say about modern concepts of leadership and where the delegation of authority makes organisations stronger, not weaker.

Emphatically, Corporate Battlefields is not about teaching managers how to become military commanders – our programmes are about generating better leadership today by learning the lessons others have mastered in the cauldron of war.

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